SL120 VNA Swingmast®

Drexel High Capacity SwingMast®, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Steer VNA and Sideloading Forklift

The Drexel model SL120 is a specialised high capacity SwingMast® model that works in aisles as narrow as 1.8M, has a basic capacity of 5455kg at 600mm load centre and has lift heights available to 6.17M.  

The SL120 is a 4-Wheel SwingMast® VNA and Sideloading Forklift with independently driven front wheels and dual rear steer tyres. The front mast rotates 90° and has side shift of 1118mm, allowing stacking easily in Very Narrow Aisles. The SL120 can also work inside and outside on paved surfaces, can perform the jobs of a high capacity front loading and sideloading forklift combined including working in bulk storage, cantilever rack and climbing steep ramps. The SL120 performs the jobs of a high capacity counterbalanced truck but in aisles over 40% smaller. The ability to store and transport heavy long loads as a sideloader increases versatility and maximises utilisation. 

Exceptional Performance and Manoeuvrability

Visibility three-stage mast, heavy-duty front end and comfortable operator’s compartment make this truck productive, safe and ergonomically appealing for operators. 

Maximises Material Handling Productivity

The versatile SL120 forklift replaces conventional counterbalanced fork trucks in standard warehouse and manufacturing heavy pallet and long-load handling operations. The unique design allows operators to use it as a counterbalance truck indoors or out, operate in very narrow aisles in the warehouse, and replace the counterbalanced trucks that require much wider aisles. The operator's compartment is offset providing a wide long load carrying side deck so the SL120 can also be used as a sideloader. The front tyres are 559mm diameter and the rear steer tyres are 413mm diameter providing great under clearance for avoiding floor obstructions. The rear steer axle is articulated to provide a smooth ride over rough floor conditions.

* Based on 1200mm long x 1000mm wide load.


Exceptional Design and Engineering

  • 5443kg capacity at 600 mm load centre
  • Four-wheel design, independently driven front drive wheels and dual rear steering wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability and traction
  • Ergonomic design for exceptional operator comfort and safety
  • Dual joysticks control all hydraulic functions
  • Hydrostatic power steering provides smooth, reliable, long-lasting steering control
  • Adjustable suspension seat improves operator comfort
  • Large battery compartment allows maximum battery capacity for long run times
  • High visibility mast allows optimum safety and view of loads and forks

State-of-the-Art Electronics

  • Series Traction and Hydraulic Motors ensure minimal maintenance and high efficiency
  • High efficiency controllers provide trouble free operation
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt, hour meter with service monitor and diagnostic code display are standard
  • 72 Volt electrical system

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